Elephant Grass Print Collective is a community based group of artists interested in expanding the tradition of printmaking and letterpress within their community, with their goal being both to provide access to printmaking and letterpress equipment, as well as to educate.

Our name gives nod to a type of the Norfolk Reed commonly found in the area. The story goes that one day, a circus train passing through, stopped at the Annapolis Royal station to water and walk the elephants on board. A few weeks later, silvery grass over 10ft tall sprouted on the path taken by the elephants. The grass was forever after called Elephant Grass by the local community.  In truth, it is an invasive plant, used as thatching material by the Acadian settlers farming the region in 1600’s.

EGPC offers a space for members to share their skills and experiences, and work on personal projects. We host workshops by members and invited printmakers for skill development, organize a bi-annual exhibit and build connections with print shops and printmakers around the province.

EGPC continues to support itself through annual membership fees and fundraising efforts.


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