Parker's CoveThe EGPC studio is located at 30 School Street, Parker’s Cove, just 8 minutes from downtown Annapolis Royal.

Our focus is on non toxic etching , relief  and letterpress techniques. We have a small quantity of screenprinting supplies for members with their own screens.

  • 24″x48″ etching press
  • C&P Pilot Press
  • Nolan Proofing Press
  • 11″ x 9″ bookbinding press
  • 24″ x 24″ paper cutter
  • a variety of lead type, style and point size, and  letterpress accessories
  • oil and Akua etching/relief inks plus modifiers
  • oil based letterpress inks
  • screenprinting inks and mediums
  • a selection of small and large hand rollers
  • tarlatan and miscellaneous collection of rulers, lino cutting tools, bench hooks etc.
  • deckle and mould for 11″x8.5″ sheets, and linter

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Members supply their own plates and paper for proofing and printing.  We do carry a selection of paper that members may purchase.

Etching using zinc or aluminum is possible using a copper sulfate solution or ferric chloride for copper plates.  Screen printing is limited to stencil or hand drawn methods as we do not have darkroom facilities.

Annapolis Royal is a small rural town with a population of 500, located in southwestern Nova Scotia.  Art supplies are sometimes hard to find locally.

Janel planning block

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