Parker's CoveThe EGPC studio is located at 30 School Street, Parker’s Cove, just 8 minutes from downtown Annapolis Royal.

Our focus is non toxic etching and relief techniques. We have:

  • 24″x48″ etching press
  • C&P Pilot Press with 10″x8″ chase
  • Nolan Proofing Press
  •  11″ x 9″ bookbinding press
  • 24″ x 24″ paper cutter
  • a variety of lead type, style and point size, and  letterpress accessories
  • oil and soy based etching/relief inks plus modifiers
  • a selection of small hand rollers, 24″x10″ rollers (hard and soft)
  • tarlatan and miscellaneous collection of rulers, lino cutting tools, bench hooks etc.
  • deckle and mould for 11″x8.5″ sheets, and linter
  • 11″x9″ UV light box for developing polymer plates can be made available with prior arrangement

You must bring your own plates and paper for proofing and printing.  Annapolis Royal is a small rural town with a population of 500, located in southwestern Nova Scotia.  Art supplies are sometimes hard to find locally.  When planning to use the studio, you should plan ahead and bring paper, and specialized materials.  Or contact us in advance and we will help you with locating the supplies you need.

Jane printingJanel planning blockIMG_0004CP Pilot Letterpress


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