102638582_3222636541120390_4949781622015655936_oWith Nova Scotia returning to a new normal, Studio Members were welcomed to work at the studio without limits! We ask members and visitors alike to maintain cleaning protocols, mask wearing and physical distancing to ensure everyone’s continued well being.  The front door entrance at 240 St. George Street is open during business hours.

Our primary focus remains to provide a functional printmaking and letterpress studio for the community in the region. In these times of limited in person classes, Studio membership is best suited to people who are self motivated learners. Each year we have improved the space, expanded our skills, and acquired betters tools.

EGPs supports itself thru membership fees, fundraising and the labour of volunteers.  We offer two types of membership – Associate and Studio.  Associate memberships are suitable for people interested in supporting EGPS and occasionally participating in events or workshops.

Studio Membership fees cover the annual facilities costs (rent, insurance, general supplies) and are not fixed but set in January by dividing annual rent by number of members. 2022 Studio Membership rate is $350 annually. Studio Membership gives you 24 hour access, personal storage space, unlimited use of shared resources (etching press, small letterpress platen press, proofing press, book press, variety of metal type, oil and water based printing inks, some screen printing equipment and small UV lightbox, large and small rollers and and limited storage for personal supplies.  You can travel to our studio by walking, public transit, or vehicle. Located on the 2nd floor, we are accessible only by going up a set of stairs.  Take a digital tour of our studio.

Associate Member


-discount on workshops and merchandize

-discounted Daily Rental Fees $15/day

-advanced registration for workshops,

-invitation to members open studio activities

-vote at AGM, eligible for volunteer and committee activities

-fee may be applied to Studio membership within same year


Studio Member


-Vote at AGM and Eligibility for BOD, Committees roles

-Use of printmaking facilities, presses, inks 24/7  Door Code provided

-drawer in flat file for personal storage

-discount and priority registration on workshops and merchandize

-invitation to members open studio activities

-listing on website

-has 2 guest passes per year to bring non-members into the studio to work with them.


*Studio Membership dues can be prorated if a member joins after September 1st. Their membership will be prorated for September through December. In January of the following year, that member would pay the usual annual membership fee. This will be done one time only

Associate and Studio Membership fees are for the entire year, payable beginning in January of each year*.  Membership fees, in whole or part are nonrefundable.

Occasional Use by Associate Members

Associate Members can rent the facilities for $15 per day up to $350 at which time their Membership would be converted to full studio membership.  Associate Members are required to attend an orientation before using the facilities and must demonstrate they can work safely  and respectfully independently.  Orientation fee is $20.

Occasional Use by Visiting Artists/Printmakers

  • by application to EGPS outlining your project, dates, and skill level. It is expected that their skill level would allow them to work independently and respectfully share facilities with others.
  • $25/day, maximum 14 days in a 30 day period.* If  you need more than 14 days, you convert their payment into a full time membership within 30 days.
  • You are required to attend an orientation before using the facilities. Orientation fee is $20
  • You must provide any special equipment, inks or paper you require.
  • You can purchase paper from EGPS from available stock
  • You will have a temporary access to the studio for 24 hours studio access
  • When suitable, you are encouraged to offer a short workshop during their time for members or general public as arranged prior with BOD

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  1. Hi Laura Thank you for your interest. Are you interested in General or Studio Membership? You can use the Paypal button on the page to pay for membership if this is convenient. We can also set up a visit to the studio before you join if you are interested. Let us know!

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