Welcoming new members for 2018!
EGPC turns another milestone in 2018.  In May, the studio will be 5 years old beginning as a shared dream around a kitchen table.  Come share our dream and become a new member at our first meeting of the year on January 14, Sunday at 11am.

To celebrate we have few exhibits and workshops in the planning but our primary focus remains to provide a functional printmaking and letterpress studio for the region. Each year we have improved the space, expanded our skills, and acquired betters tools,

EGPC supports itself thru membership fees, fundraising and the labour of volunteers. Membership fees cover the year’s rent and are not fixed but set in January by dividing annual rent by number of members. On average the fee has been $220/yr. Membership gives you 24 hr access, personal storage space, unlimited use of shared resources (etching press, small platen press, proofing press,book press,variety of metal type, oil and waterbased printing inks, screenprinting medium and ink, rollers and Take a digital tour of our studio.

If you are interested in joining, use the email  to let us know.

Membership privileges includes:

  • key privileges with 24 hour access
  • use of all presses, equipment and common supplies including inks
  • personal storage space
  • discount on EGPC workshops
  • can participate in EGPC exhibits, special projects and fun days
  • participate in all meeting and share in administrative decisions
  • have priority booking of presses and facilities

Printmakers planning on visiting the area are welcomed to apply for short term access as an Occasional User. Contact us to make arrangements and for costs.



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