A Star has left the building

Our oldest press, a currency press from 1830, has moved on to a new life with printmaker Maria Doering.  Under utilized at EGPC due mainly to many members lacking the strength required to turn the wheel, we felt the press could be a better fit for the right printshop.  Right now, Star is keeping a litho press named Germaine company in storage until Maria opens a printmaking studio in Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

These type of presses were used to print copper engravings of bank notes, legal documents, even postage stamps.  William Blake hand printed his illuminated books on a similar star-wheeled rolling press. You can see a British Library video about that topic here .

The hole left in EGPC’s studio has quickly been filled with another more modern etching on loan from member Bonnie Baker.  Once we have gotten over our annual fundraising activities, we will have time to update website with pictures of the reconfigured space.  Meanwhile we will miss decking Star out with her lights at the holidays.



Measure Twice, Cut Once …

… fold and collate 27 sets.  EGPC members gathered at the shop to build presentation folders and put the finishing touches on the Water 2015 Box set.  With so many hands we made fast work of it. Consensus among those present is that this is our best set yet (we say that every year).  Still the 8 prints in the package make for an impressive show.

Thank you to contributing printmakers Shela Breau, Micheline Gushue, Dyan Hatanaka, Janet Larkman, Ted Lind , Janel Warmington,  Bonnie Baker and our guest artist Laura MacDonald Deep Hollow Print

For a peak at the 8 prints included, visit our previous post.

The water is rising

Keeping with the four elements motifs, Water is the theme of our 2015 Box set.   Members have been cutting, printing, embossing, pasteing chine colle, and transferring for months  to complete their prints in time for the launch of EPGC’s annual fundraiser.

8 individual limited edition prints on 11 x 7.5″ paper (image size varies) presented in an attractive folder with accompanying colophon goes on sale now for $125.  Only 25 sets available. Sets can be purchased  by contacting us directly elephantgrassprint@gmail.com

View the entire set here:

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Prints by Bonnie Baker, Shela Breau, Micheline Gushue, Dyan Hatanaka, Janet Larkman, Ted Lind, Laura MacDonald, Janel Warmington

snowed in?

is a pretty popular question these days. It is February in eastern Canada and the snow banks are over our heads.  Despite all that nature has throw at us, EGPC is staying toasty and busy.

Three new members joined in January bringing core membership up to 11. With an assorted range of experience and interests,  it is going to be curious what 2015 brings in way of workshops and projects.  Already we have been experimenting with copper sulphate etching on zinc and had a visit from letterpress artist,  Laura MacDonald of Deep Hollow Print.  She began her career using a Nolan Press similar to the one in the shop.  Tentative plans are in the making for a workshop with Laura. Time to get serious about using our letterpress equipment.

After the success of 2014 Box set Fire fundraiser. (we sold out at 25 sets)  we installed an air filter system in the studio improving air quality.  EGPC is committed to being as green and replacing traditionally used solvents with lower toxic substitutes whenever possible.

Our next planned event is a Spring Open House for the public in April.  Something to look forward to…

Quiet but not inactive – winter preparations and 2014 Box Set

From lack of postings, it may appear that EGPC studio was dark all summer.  Just the opposite.  Individual members were busy following summer pursuits ( gardening, swimming, vacationing, exhibiting, taking or giving workshops) but now we are back in the shop preparing our 2nd Annual Box Set fundraiser.

Jane's detail #1

Detail of jane McBurney Racine’s burnt paper monotypes

Ever so popular last year and fun if not scary to do, we will be launching in November, The Elements – 4 , a limited number of box sets over 4 years illustrating one of the four elements.  2014 is the theme of Fire.

Cecil Day, renowned NS printmaker is our guest printer this year along with EGPC members Bonnie Baker, Donna Boyko, Shela Breau,  Micheline Gushue, Janet Larkman, Jane McBurney Racine, and Janel Warmington.

25 sets of 8  11×7.5″ prints presented in their own folder, accompanied by colophon for the incredible price of $125.

Last year we sold out quickly so don’t hesitate reserving your set this year by contacting us at elephantgrassprint@gmail.com

Get Inky at our 1st Annual Open House!


Sunday, Sept. 29, 11am-4pm

It has only been 5 months since EPGC set up shop in our home at Parker’s Cove Place and we have been busy ever since moving in the furniture,(heavy) presses (heavier) and fund-raising. Still, EGPC member found some time to flex our printmaking muscles. Join us at our first Annual Open House for demonstrations, conversation and a turn at the press.

Parker’s Cove Place, 30 School Street, Parker’s Cove