Quiet but not inactive – winter preparations and 2014 Box Set

From lack of postings, it may appear that EGPC studio was dark all summer.  Just the opposite.  Individual members were busy following summer pursuits ( gardening, swimming, vacationing, exhibiting, taking or giving workshops) but now we are back in the shop preparing our 2nd Annual Box Set fundraiser.

Jane's detail #1

Detail of jane McBurney Racine’s burnt paper monotypes

Ever so popular last year and fun if not scary to do, we will be launching in November, The Elements – 4 , a limited number of box sets over 4 years illustrating one of the four elements.  2014 is the theme of Fire.

Cecil Day, renowned NS printmaker is our guest printer this year along with EGPC members Bonnie Baker, Donna Boyko, Shela Breau,  Micheline Gushue, Janet Larkman, Jane McBurney Racine, and Janel Warmington.

25 sets of 8  11×7.5″ prints presented in their own folder, accompanied by colophon for the incredible price of $125.

Last year we sold out quickly so don’t hesitate reserving your set this year by contacting us at elephantgrassprint@gmail.com


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